What Happens Next?

After contacting me, I will check my availability as there maybe a short waiting list 

(4-6 weeks) for the initial appointment.  The initial appointment involves exploring 

what is going on for you currently, any difficult past experiences which may be 

impacting on you and what you are hoping to gain from counselling.  

It may be more beneficial to refer/signpost to an alternative counsellor/agency 

depending on your needs and/or my experienceI will advise you of the best 

options to gain the right support for you.

If you would like to continue counselling, we will agree a way of working together

and recommend how often sessions could take place to gain full benefit from them.

Sessions can take place weekly, fortnightly, monthly and I will advise the best 

starting point for frequency of sessions.    

We will have regular reviews to enable you to get the full benefit of sessions and 

check your progress is heading in the right direction.  In the reviews, we will 

consider how things maybe impacting on you and whether it would be beneficial to 

access further sessions or bring them to an ending. 

You may, of course, end your sessions at any time.  I would request we have a final 

session to enable us to re-cap on how we have worked together, what was useful 

and things to consider for the future.

When we decide to end our sessions, my door is always open if you decide at a later 

date, you would like further support and/or new problems have appeared.  

Our sessions are confidential, however, there are instances where I have a duty by 

law to pass on and break confidentiality, e.g. 

- Where serious child protection issues are raised.

- Where a serious risk to yourself (self-harm/suicide) or to another, is presented.

- Money laundering.

- A crime/terrorism act is disclosed.

I will advise you immediately of any need to break confidentiality and you will be 

kept fully informed of the process.


I see a Counselling Supervisor on a monthly basis about my work with you to ensure

that I am providing you with the best possible professional and ethical service.  Your

identity remains confidential at all times.