What is Counselling?

Finding the right counsellor is an important step, the fact that you are here means that you have already made the biggest step in recognising you would like some support. 

Counselling is a safe space to offload and explore what's going on for you. Counselling is not about me giving you advice.  However, I will advise you on how to utilise coping techniques and strategies to support you, to find your own way forward.

I will provide with you my time, commitment and compassion to your needs in a safe and comfortable environment. In working together, this may ease your distress and worries, by breaking things down into sizeable chunks. Counselling includes exploring the past (if relevant) or recognising where depressed feelings maybe coming from, understanding what this means for you in the here and now and evaluate what you need in the present and future and, consider any blocks to these feelings/emotions or anxieties.  

My approach to Counselling

I have 11 years experience and I work as a humanistic Counsellor.  My core training (Level 4 Diploma) included Person-Centred Therapy and CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy).  My psychotherapy training (Level 5 Diploma) continued working within a humanistic framework.  

I integrate this learning into my practice by working with adults by:

Person-centred therapy works with building the therapeutic relationship and includes working in an empathic (deeply understanding), unconditional positive regard (accepting) and genuine (congruent) way. This therapy includes being open to experience, being trusting and trustworthy, being curious about the world, being creative and compassionate. Person-centred therapy is part of a humanistic approach to therapy.

I also integrate CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy), if necessary, to support with any stuck/repetitive patterns of behaviour.  When you understand how you are responding to difficult situations/behaviours, you can then understand how to break down them down, by understanding negative thinking, emotions and behaviours to consider more positive  alternatives in your way of thinking and feeling.  I also work with Mindfulness to understand and live more 'in the present' and utilise breathing/relaxation techniques. 

I also work with EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitisation Reprocessing) Therapy to work with triggers and/or difficult memories from the past.  Please see my EMDR Therapy web page for further information. EMDR can be used as part of the above therapies or on its own right.