Individual Counselling

I chose to visit Paula after meeting a couple of different counsellors and was impressed by how easy she was to talk to and I very quickly felt at ease with her.

When necessary she'd have a suggestion to help me open up about difficult topics or express it in a new way, allowed me to see what I needed to do, in a better way.

Throughout, she was a great listener and gave me the confidence to trust my own judgment, understand my own needs and not be afraid to put them forward.

During a very difficult time, Paula has helped me regain control of my life and achieve a calmer, more-aware state of mind. I would recommend Paula to anyone in a similar situation.

Paula is so easy to talk to, helped me to see it was ok for me to feel the way I was initially and that there was no time limit on grief and still isn’t now. 

I had 8 sessions and I really believe that without those weekly sessions, I would have had a breakdown without her support.  She allowed me to be who I was, say the things I needed to say out loud, to believe that I could get through this dreadful time. 

I found her home to be a calm place and I would gladly recommend Paula.


Couples & Relationship Counselling

We found Paula's non-judgemental approach very supportive.  She is very easy to talk to and a very good listener, supporting us by helping to understand that what we were going through was not unique.

By using and adopting her structured approach we were able to identify what we needed to do and agreed between us a way forward for us both. We found it a relief and release being able to talk to someone and Paula gave us the tools to answer our own questions.

We now have a plan and are on a journey to rebuilding our relationship, we have identified that honest communication is what was missing and this is now very much a part of our life.

Knowing Paula is there, acting as a safety net and helping to keep us on track should we need it, is a great help.


Clinical Supervision

I have been having monthly supervision with Paula since September 2013. During that time we have established and maintained a respectful and successful supervisory relationship. She has supported me through the development of my clinical practice as a trainee in placement and then as a qualified counsellor and psychotherapist in both private practice and as the coordinator of a counselling service. Paula provides an opportunity to explore my practice in a safe, non-judgemental and non-shaming manner. I trust and value her therapeutic  insight and clinical experience. I always leave a supervision session with much to think about and reflect upon!

Paula is my sounding board for any ethical concerns I have, both within the agency I work and in private practice. She provides a very safe pair of hands and ensures that my practice is ethical, competent, consistent and professional. She keeps me informed of any CPD events she feels are relevant. Paula’s supervisory support has been invaluable in my development as an ethical counsellor and psychotherapist and I would, without reservation, recommend her as a supervisor.



Before starting with EMDR, a safe place was agreed with my counsellor in order to give my mind a place to go when my memories were too difficult to process anymore. For me, EMDR was a technique that opened my eyes further into discovering what other emotions were hidden deeper within myself and how they were routed to the initial cause of my anxiety. By using this process I was able to allow my mind to think and process things in a different way rather than just talking about the incidents in the past. Although it was difficult at times, I was able to understand more about the reasons behind why the transitioning memories were linked. Whilst the processing takes place I became mindful of how my body adapted with each memory that entered the brain and how certain images made me react differently. 

By going through the EMDR process, I worked against a scoresheet with my counsellor as 1 (not being disturbed) to 10 (being the most disturbed), which helped me understand my mind and body further as I was analysing myself. It made me mindful of my body and mind without me realising it. There were ups and downs emotionally with the EMDR, but this is what helped me learn more about myself and how I truly feel about certain memories. One week we would discuss the memory which I wanted to process and then the following week we would discuss it further so that the mind was able to reprocess and reprogramme fully. I know that our minds are the most bias of witnesses that we had at the time of the incident, but with EMDR it makes you re-think what happened and what truly affects you. Therefore by reviewing the EMDR session with my counsellor it made me actually think that really that thought, seems silly, how one image in my mind has haunted me for so long yet really it wasn’t that thought that I was afraid of.

Over time, I learned and saw the connections form and how my old memories seemed easier to cope with. New challenges arose throughout the EMDR but it was ok to use the session to reprogramme that present mental image rather than just focusing on the past. I noticed that from when we started to use the EMDR sessions my mind started to have dreams linked to my past memories but instead of the dream ending badly, like before, it became a dream of acceptance and change.